Elite Snipers

Elite Snipers
Welcome to the shooting action game '' Elite Snipers ''. This is a thrilling and unique sniper game that we have specially selected for you.
The evolution of the game, you are a professional and accurate sniper, with terrain to prepare equipment: guns, binoculars ... to start a bloody kill for the stickman
With 20 different terrain levels, your enemies are lurking in different positions. Your mission is to use the binoculars, zoom in '' SPACE KEY '' to search for those enemies and shoot them. The level and location of the enemies hiding will be difficult, you must be really patient, find them and destroy them all.
Elite snipers perform the most dangerous missions. Test your eyesight and reaction, pull the trigger to give the enemy a fatal blow!

You are a brave and professional sniper shooter of the time, and its call of duty in the battlefield to carry out the impossible deadly missions. Make plans, army tactics, commando elite techniques, and bravo strategies to kill these enemies in the war. In this Elite Snipers game, you will get a new sniper experience from a new angle to become a shooter.

- Best Fps sniper game;
- Thrilling shooting missions;
- Addicting sniper gameplay;
- Easy controls;.
- 20 mission levels and 6 different types of enemies in the game.

- Use the mouse to move and aim;
- Press space bar to open the scope;
- Click the left mouse button to shoot.