Evo F2

Evo-F2 is the next version of the Evo-F game, this is an addictive drive -type game. Evo-F2 is one of our selected driving Games. This is one of the best and free rally racing games with arcade racing dynamics. If you like arcade time attack racing games you will love it.

The graphics are cool and the driving gameplay is fun and realistic you can join the races with the vehicle of your choice from 10 realistically made supercars. There will be upgrade and customization options waiting for you to express your style in many exciting races. You can jump into many different realistic vehicles and show your skill. The physics is realistic, and you can feel your vehicle as you drive over the different terrain. Don't forget to try and repair your broken old truck and see if you can restore it to new! You can use your creativity! Build your own paths. With the help of excavator dig a new functional path.

Evo-F2 catches next-gen graphics and sound technologies. Thanks to the graphics and sound options left for the player, you will experience the game without compromising from performance. Much fun! Enjoy!

Evo-F 2 is developed by Ciorbyn.

- 3D vehicle simulator game;
- Realistic physics with high-speed sports cars;
- Plenty of vehicle options, including construction vehicles, such as excavator, forklift, and a big semi-trailer truck;
- A broken truck to repair;
- Slow-motion camera;
- Playable in fullscreen.

- WASD or arrow keys to drive;
- Space bar to use handbrake;
- C to change the camera view;
- R to repair;
- T to use the time frame;
- U to arm up;
- J to arm down;
- I to fork up;
- K to fork down.