Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine
Please continue to visit our website every day. We always provide and select unique and addictive games with many topic contents. Create for you the relaxing moments with the free games selected and enjoyed by many players around the world. Today, we will provide you a game called '' Finn's Fantastic Food Machine '' hoping that you will enjoy it.

In this game, you and your friends decide to open a restaurant, the purpose of this restaurant is to provide all the delicacies and fast and attentive service modes. Luckily, you have been provided with a magic machine that can produce all the dishes that customers require. Your task now is to quickly move and grab the dishes from that magical machine to give customers the full range and the right table.

The game gives you a feeling of concentration, agility and creativity. You have to be really precise on the machine that magically takes the food, avoids dropping the disc, then you have to run quickly to the dining tables and pay attention to the letter symbols on the plate and run the right delivery table.

Time is very urgent, and there are rules on the screen, you have to coordinate and be agile to be able to complete all those processes. You must serve it to customers as quickly as possible! This game is very interesting and requires great reactions and time. Much fun! Have fun!

- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content;
- 2D side-scrolling camera view;
- Constantly increasing challenge;
- Food catching and serving gameplay;
- Fun music;
- Fullscreen available;
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

- AD or left/right arrow key to move
- Space bar to serve