Foot Doctor Game

Foot Doctor Game
Hello everyone, today a new topic will bring to the youth a game about practicing doctor. `` Foot Doctor Game '' is our selected game and provided to you today.
The game starts with choosing a character you like, this character is the same as you. He was very hyperactive and naughty, while having fun with his friends, he fell down into a bush, and as a result, his legs were covered with thorns, his feet were scratched ... He was very hurt.
Your task in this game is to practice being a doctor to give first aid and treat his injuries.
First, put his foot up and check the whole, then use the medical equipment available on the screen to conduct preliminary and handle those wounds. You can use antiseptic stones, tweezers to pick up pieces of rock, thorns, you can also disinfect with solution and cockroach wounds with individual bandages ...
When you finish the treatment effectively stimulates your little patient to make him laugh. He is optimistic and solid now, and very grateful to you. You did a good job and helped him deal with the unexpected injuries.
The game is an experience for children to practice being a doctor, and at the same time help them identify good work and help others in times of need. This is an addictive, educational and skill-training game for children. Let's enjoy this fun game!Download and play for FREE now!

- Select adorable patients.
- Lots of Free medical tools.
- become a real foot doctor in the hospital.

Developer: Foot Doctor Game is made by FreezeNova.
Initial release game date: October, 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
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Use the mouse to play this game.