Football Blitz

Football Blitz is a fun and exciting soccer skill game provided by This is a favorite game for those who are passionate about football sport. This game is played and downloaded by a lot of people around the world. We hope that, after you press the "Play" button, you'll enjoy it and don't forget to share it with your friends.

With a beautiful graphics scene, behind the goal is the enthusiastic cheering of many audiences with an impressive and vibrant image. Your mission in this game: prove you are the greatest striker in football! Reach the target to earn extra time when you play with the clock!
Aim the ball with your mouse at the middle of the targets. When you've hit bullseye three times you'll get a fireball! The audience is cheering for you. Do your best!
- Hit the targets in the back of the net you earn extra time by hitting the targets so be as quick as possible
- You can control the amount of curve by clicking on the left or right side of the ball.
- The height of your shot depends on whether you click on the top or bottom side of the ball.
- When you've decided your direction and height click and drag your power bar. This bar also lets you choose the direction of your shot
Release the mouse button to take your shot
- Hit 3 bullseyes in a row to activate the fireball, it can shoot through defenders.

The game has two game modes: Easy and Hard. We recommend that when you first start playing you should choose 'Easy' mode when you play well and get good skills you will try "Hard" mode.

The game is a relaxing theme for sports lovers. This is a game selected by our website for you. Wish you all have fun while playing this game.

- Fun game easy to control
- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds
- Show your skills shooting goals from the penalty point
- Enhance your player skills, power or accuracy
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Clicking the side of the ball will add curve. Clicking top or bottom of ball will affect height. Drag the mouse to set power and direction. Release mouse to shoot.