Fun Run Race 3D

Fun Run Race 3D
A game that runs over the obstacles we selected and provided for you to play for free. The game with many levels, beautiful graphics, compelling and addictive content. Hope that you will play and share with friends.
`` Fun Run Race 3D '' is a game in which your task is to overcome barriers to win. Creativity, agility and anticipation of situations, crossing over obstacles when you are running on different roads. Use the arrow keys to help this man run and move, in front of your eyes are various dangerous obstacles, you choose the appropriate time to run and overcome. A small mistake you will lose your life. The game will bring you a high level of stimulation and concentration, with extremely attractive content, graphics with many beautiful image details, close to the real world will help you feel excited and Want to play and experience them. Play all the interesting and deadly levels to have more fun. Much fun! Have fun!

Developer: Fun Run Race 3D is made by Good Job Games.
Initial release game date: November 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS

Use Up arrow key to run.