Funny Throat Surgery

Funny Throat Surgery
Funny Throat Surgery is a surgeon simulation game. This is a fun game in which you must take on the role of a doctor.

A girl who actually ate too much ice cream this summer. Now she has a throat infection. Look at their painful faces, please grab the medical tools and cure them right now! It is your job to try out different treatments and surgery to ensure her throat is better.
You must try to catch the bacteria, remove her tonsils and then apply dressings so that her wounds can heal properly.
The patient has a throat problem, they can eat, drink even talk. As a professional throat doctor, it is responsible for treating them. Be gentle, and ask the patient to say Ahhh! You are always the best little doctor in this clinic!

This is a relaxing game for children to practice as a doctor, and is also a game to educate children about reasonable eating, avoiding pathologies like games. Help children have a good health and normal development. Much fun! Have fun!

Go Panda Games developed Funny Throat Surgery.

- A fun and cute throat surgery game;
- Use the medical tools properly;
- Three gameplay sections, including dress-up;
- Various tools to use;
- Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions;
- Playable in fullscreen.

Use the mouse to play this game.