Gas And Sand

And since you are already inside the menu of this game, we know that you were attracted by the title of the game, well, are you ready to hear that you were right! And yes, the title of the game reflects very well from all that this game has to offer to a car racing games fan, it’s a very special game that you’ll enjoy all the way through. Gas and Sand, what more can be said, press on the Gas and race on these sands! It’s all about speed, sands and adrenaline. In this super attractive race car game. To be able to play this game, you need to know that the main controls are placed on the arrow keys of the keyboard, so use them to drive in all directions. To use the turbo option, double tap the up arrow key. To pause your game if you want to, press the spacebar. And finally, to change the view of the camera, press C.

See in game.