Glitch Dash

Glitch Dash
Run through the beautiful and abstract world and just try to survive. Glitch Dash is game, you will play with "first-person perspective". Your task is to move on the safe paths, dodge the obstacles and get to the destination position. Glitch Dash has 8 maps: Intro, Sky, Arctic, Twitch, Digital, Dunes, Coastline, and Neon.

Glitch Dash requires focus to dodge and avoid the shapely obstacles that randomly come your way. There are hammers, axes, lasers, and blocks, all bent on destroying you with one difficult challenge after another. Your objective is to survive each level while collecting pink diamonds that are spread through different stages. Use these diamonds to buy yourself checkpoints and game save. You have 15 lives in Glitch Dash. This game is HARD, and it takes patience, concentration, and determination to overcome a slew of obstacles that stand between you and victory. With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I believe you will love Glitch Dash. Glitch Dash is a great game for training reflexes.

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- Rogue Games made this game.

- Carefully designed Levels
- Touch or Accelerometer Controls
- Simple but attractive artwork
- Beautiful Sounds
- Training skills focus and agility, reflex
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download
- Incredibly hard-core gameplay
- Gloriously abstract and funky graphics
- Epic beat driven gameplay to music
- Make a Perfect Run for the ultimate bragging rights.

Use the mouse to play this game.