An action game genre .io, this is shooting game will be introduced to you for free, is played by a lot of players, with compelling addictive content.
This is a multiplayer arena game, with yellow and red teams fighting on either side of the map. Your mission is to destroy the jewels of the other teams before they destroy you. Overcoming everything, terrain, buildings and everything you interact with can be destroyed the main goal is to win and destroy the opponent's jewel. While playing, you will earn money, you can spend your money on new guns, gun skins, and many more different options. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Primary weapons : These shoot and damage other players, but don't hurt the terrain | Many different options; sniper, crossbow, flame thrower...
- Secondary Weapons: These hurt everything, and destroy everything | Many options to come; RPG, Grenade launcher...
- Buildings: Three defense options and one utility
- Destruction: Everything is destructible
- Bush: if you stand still you'll turn into a bush (p.s. this is a method of hiding, no one can see your name or your health when you're a bush).

Developer: is made by Odessa Limited.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser.
The game has similar content: io games

- WASD to move;
- 123456 to switch weapons/platforms;
- Left mouse button to shoot/place platforms;
- Space bar to jump;
- Esc to access the menu.