Guns Bottles

Guns Bottles
Do you like playing bottle shooting games with guns and have all that is needed to become a real bottle shot master? If you like gun or sniper shooting games, here you have the opportunity to master your shooting skills by playing this free game. Take a breath, aim, shoot the moving bottles and hit your eyes.

This ''Guns Bottles'' game improves your concentration level and precision skills. Perform accurate blows to smash all bottles with pistols. While playing the broken glass game be calm and focused while shooting the moving bottles. This new bottle explosion game is specially designed to test and improve shooting skills because shooters play an important role in military forces, train police officers to fight terrorism and prisoners on battle. school Blow up all with your gun to become bottle shooting expert. You need a strong pistol to shoot bottles in fixed intervals. This classic shooting game needs concentration and precision for the bottle hunter when the level becomes more difficult and suspense with limited time.

At each level of play, you have 6 bullets, and the number of bottles will increase, your accuracy and calibration ability will be more difficult. With the movement of the bottles makes you much more difficult to judge. Pay attention to the red-shaped bottles, avoid shooting it. If you hit the red bottle you will have to start the game again.

''Guns Bottles'' is an awesome bottle shooting game in which you need to shoot the rotating bottles to get a high score. Collect coins to unlock 12 super guns. Good luck! Enjoy!

- Realistic gun shooting and broken glass sound;
- Be accurate to get extended shooting experience;
- Shoot like a real cowboy;
- Bottle shoot game is for kids, youngsters and adults;
- Thrilling sound effects;
- Very smooth control of guns.

Use the mouse to play this game.