Halloween Archer 3D

Halloween Archer 3D is an awesome Halloween themed archery game in which you must test your arrow shooting skills to the maximum.
In this game, with 12 levels of play, you will be a brave warrior using bows and destroying enemies to defend the tower and human life on Halloween. The game requires the exact lines of the bow you shoot because the enemy is very crowded and always find a quick way to invade your tower.
Easy to use interface, use the mouse to aim at targets, then release to fire... and bulls-eye. The in-game targeting reticle will guide your aim but like in real-world archery, it's not that easy because you must take into account the effect of gravity, and the targets may not stay still. The game runs under a physic engine that simulates gravity and makes your arrow behave semi-realistically. Enjoy this fun free game available on our website pokicom.com. Have fun!

- One player
- Intuitive controls.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content.
- Archery simulator game with 3D graphics and cool special effects, funny ghoulish sounds and music.
- Multiple levels (12+) and multiple environments that get progressively more difficult.
- The game is driven by a physic-engine which takes into account gravity.
- Variety of challenges with the different type of ghoulish enemies.
- This is a particularly fun game to play during Halloween seasons.

Use the mouse to play this game.