Handless Millionaire 2

Handless Millionaire 2
As you know, the famous game "Handless Millionaire" is a game (based on the famous program Who wants to be a millionaire) to get as much money as possible. This "Handless Millionaire" game was originally released as a Flash game in October 2011. And today the official HTML5 "Handless Millionaire 2" version is available from April 2019. And Selected by our website Pokicom.com and provided for free to you.

This game is an entertaining simulation, we recommend that you do not apply it to real life. Because it's a dangerous game, it's just relaxing and entertaining on the game. The content of the game is that you have to use your arm to find a way to cross the death blade and quickly get the dollar coins of different denominations. In this game, the lowest denomination is $ 100, and the highest is $ 1 million. With 15 challenges like the first flash version.
Skills to play this game on each level, you have to pay close attention to the cycle of the blade operation and control your arms so skillfully, flexible and decisively to get the dollar coins that's it.

Overcoming 15 levels of this game is your challenge. Will you do it? Let's try this addictive, interesting and exciting game.

Developer: Handless Millionaire 2 was made by Vasiliy Kostin aka Megabyteceer
Release game Date: May 2019
Platform: Web browser and Android (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar content: Handless Millionaire 

- Right and left-hand chances;
- 15 rounds with constantly increasing difficulty;
- Guillotine random-hits pattern;
- Leaderboard system;
- Fullscreen available;
- Platforms;
- Handless Millionaire 2 is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).

Use the mouse to play this game.