Highway Rider Extreme

Highway Rider Extreme
Have you ever enjoyed a motorcycle racing game with a completely lifelike design, giving you the feeling like you're driving your own vehicle running and racing on the road? Today's game will give you that feeling, with exciting animations and content '' Highway Rider Extreme '' that will give you an addictive and addictive excitement while behind the wheel.

Put on a helmet and ride your motorbike in this super fast-paced racing game! Your time per level is limited, so don't crash. A very exciting racing game, enjoy freedom, enjoy racing games to get this coin. Choose directly from one of the many available motorbikes and take a walk in this highway racing game, choose as you like, because we provide a lot of variety. Collect coins, dodge traffic and overtake other vehicles closely to earn bonus time. Buy upgrades and cool new bikes in the shop to race even faster. Unlock daily bonus levels and try to complete the map with a high score. If you have got enough coins, you have to visit the garage and upgrade your bike. Buy a new engine, better tires or a stiffer suspension. Whatever makes your motorbike faster in the asphalt racer will help you on your way to each checkpoint.
Wear your leather jacket, turn on good music and rural walks on Highway Rider Extreme 3D, collect as many coins as possible. Get features with a variety of motorbikes as you wish and a surprising trajectory. Then upgrade for better performance.

Motorcycle racing lovers don't miss the exciting adventure in this application, you will get an unexpected experience, download and play until it's finished.

- A full map with lots of levels;
- Various bikes and tracks;
- Upgrades for better performance;
- Racing game for bike enthusiasts;
- 3D racing on open roads.

Use the arrow keys to drive.