Highway Traffic

Highway Traffic
Racing game on the highway is a fast-paced racing game, perfect. In this game, as a test of your driving skills, requires fast reflexes, judging the highway traffic situation, you will succeed and be safe. This game is not as simple as you might think, because in the process of driving on the road if you just collide with another car on the road, you will have to start the journey again. Be careful and pay attention. With high-end and high-end HD graphics, Highway Traffic is the best online arcade racing game. Good luck!

- Stunning hyper-realistic 3D graphics
- Smooth and realistic car handling
- Stunning visual masterpiece
- Real Cars with real sounds and Real Driving pleasures.
- 4 game modes: One-way, Two-Way, Time Attack, Speed bomb.

Use the arrow keys to drive;
C- Camera Change.