Hole.io is a traffic and road safety awareness endless game from our daily lives where each people witness the careless people who meet an accident while crossing road, while driving, while on railway station/train station while ignoring traffic rules etc. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!
A free .io adventure game will be available for at Pokicom.com today. An addictive game for kids, we hope that will be able to give you free new games every day, giving you great moments of relaxation.
Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle. Have fun!

* Features:
- Best game genre .io
- Drag the black.io hole with the arrow keys!
- Collect coins and points on pulling people into the hole!
- Play this endless blackhole.io game!
- Drag people into the hole and survive!
- Drag .io people using the phone or PC
- Play Offline
- Training for children and virtuosity players with high concentration, good reflexes, creativity, relaxation.
-The game gets a lot of players and downloads through addictive content and beautiful graphics.

The arrow keys or ASDW.