Horse Jumping Show 3D

Horse Jumping Show 3D
A new topic, new content will be introduced and selected for you today. The game '' Horse Jumping Show 3D '' is a combination of the animal and human world combined with the exciting race. This is a game for Derby horse lovers!

Jump on your mighty steed and race to victory! With lifelike graphics, a stadium full of spectators, a racecourse and you control it. You must demonstrate the best rider and full horse control skills when the race begins. Perform dance moves and stunts with your horse. Try to overcome obstacles that stand in your way!
In this game you have to control the horse jumping over the ring and hurdles in a timely manner. A game that blends arcade style with simulation characteristics. The game brings the experience and emotions of a show dance match in an immersive environment.

Please note that your race track has lots of obstacles / obstacles and you must jump your lovely horse from all obstacles / obstacles without hitting them.
A horse racing simulator is the authentic and endless experience of rush game. In this great horse & horse race, there is a realistic racing adventure for those who are looking for thrilling and exciting games. This is the most realistic and best horse racing game you have ever played. This is a great race, overcome the horse race and 3D Master jump over endless obstacles, overcome obstacles and exciting racing. This race is based on stunts, and overcomes rival riders when you will race with them. The goal of the game is very simple! You just ride the horse along with the stadium provided. Along the way, jump over obstacles and follow the instructions on the screen to complete each level.

There is no limit to you and your riding adventure. Prove your talents and win every tournament! Much fun! Have fun!

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- Beautiful Horses and Animations
- HD 3D Game environment for you to enjoy
- Highly Attractive Gameplay for all ages
- Beautiful Horses and Animations
- Realistic Horse Sound Effects
- Realistic Audience Animations
- Real like horse physics
- Multiple challenging levels.

Developer: This game is developed by IGROUTKA.NET
Release Date: November 2019
Platform: Web browser

- WASD or arrow keys to move
- 1, 2, or 3 to switch speed
- Space bar to jump
- F to saddle horse