Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arenar
Hungry Shark Arena is an HTML5 game, this is a battle royale game, so your main goal will be to destroy all opponents and become the last one standing. This game is selected by our website and provided for free for you to play.

This is an amazing, addictive animal world simulation game. In this game, you play as a shark that will have to survive in volatile waters of the vast ocean and hunt prey to feed you and increase your size. At the start of the game, your shark will be small and can only attack smaller prey like fish, but the bigger you get, the bigger the prey you will hunt. Then you can devour the divers and other large fish, but especially other players by charging and slicing them with a swipe of your powerful jaw. The goal will be to survive to become the last shark alive.
Each game will help you earn bonuses, For the money you earn you will be able to buy new sharks and continue with the next challenge. Good luck! Much fun! Enjoy!

Use the mouse to play this game.