Intercity Bus Driver 3D

Intercity Bus Driver 3D
A game to test your Bus driving skills that we selected and provided to you for free today. ''Intercity Bus Driver 3D'' is a new simulator game, with beautiful 3D graphics, The scenery is like the real scene outside waiting. Create a feeling when you start pressing the "PLAY" button to play, you will love it.
In this game - your task is to become a professional bus driver both in style and control skills.
One day your work begins at the bus stop, it's time to leave, you get on the bus and get ready to leave the bus stop and start catching passengers from the waiting stations. The journey of these buses you can choose when you play, the starting point starts from BERLIN and ends at PARIS.
Test your driving skills through the journey of the bus. You must drive safely, according to the location map, how to pick up and drop off passengers at the right place, will help you overcome all obstacles ahead and bring passengers to the right safe place. With beautiful graphics and realistic physics, the journeys you reach safely, your reward will be given and the opportunity to trade in more modern, more expensive buses. Good luck! Have fun!

Developer: Intercity Bus Driver 3D is made by
Initial release game date: February 2020
Platform: Web browser.

The arrow keys to drive;
C- to Camera.