Iron Snout

Iron Snout is an action-packed arcade fighting game, where you control a super powerful piggy to fight off hundreds of wolves! In this game, a horde of hungry wolves will get you to eat you and your goal is to fend them off for as long as you can and take as many wolves with you as possible. Use the arrow keys to kick, punch, slam, somersault, catch, throw, and do lots of other stuff! punching, kicking and slamming your foes, stealing their weapons and knocking them out of the arena to survive as long as you can in this endless fighting game about an ultimate fight between piggies and wolves. Get ready for deadly combat action in this endless fighting game and prepare to punch your way through hordes of wolves! Iron Snout is one of the deadly wolf fighting games with blood. Iron Snout is a fun, addictive, fun, non-realistic game. The main purpose of this game is to train young brave, brave and have a life independent of the difficulties that can overcome, protect their own lives and society. Much fun! Enjoy!

* Features:
- One player
- Best Addictive Fighting Game
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content
- Funny fighting game enemies!
- Use enemy body parts and weapons to destroy your enemies.

* How to play:
-Arrow Keys – Attack
-Arrow Key Up – Jump
-Arrow Key Down – Duck
-P – Pause
-M – Mute
-Enter – Restart
-Mouse – Navigate.

Developer: Iron Snout is made by SnoutUp.
Initial release game date: August 2017.
Platform: Web browser; Android, iOS.

Arrow Keys – Attack
Arrow Key Up – Jump
Arrow Key Down – Duck
P – Pause
M – Mute
Enter – Restart
Mouse – Navigate.,