Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting, an uncompromising fight will come in this game, In this game. You must try and hit the opposing player who is standing on a pedestal at the opposite end of the playing field. Each player has a health bar and you must hit them several times to eliminate them. Try to shoot as quickly as possible and aim quickly. Will your stickman survive the endless onslaught
Javelin Fighting an exciting game based on stickman physics. In this epic game, you should beat all shadow bowmasters stickman by throwing javelins.
To control your stick ninja and fight enemy Megaman agent simply use mouse yours for targeting and firing bow by arc. Stay on your tower shoot the fire spears as fast as you can and have fun beat your stick invader with epic headshots. Have fun! Enjoy!

* Features:
- Realistic shadow knights stick ragdoll
- Fast dynamic fighting gameplay based on 2d physics
- Great epic music and sound effects
- Simple intuitive and comfortable controls
- Strategy like legend rush gameplay
Enjoy the Javelin Fighting game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

Use the mouse to play this game.