Our website pokicom.com continues to provide you with a very new and exciting free game with the theme of running and jumping over obstacles, overcoming opponents and reaching the finish line. The game is called ''Jump.io''. Hopefully with this great game, you will play it and share with your friends to play, relax with great moments.

The game with many levels of play, this is a race against the remaining opponents. You will have to handle situations quickly and overcome reasonable obstacles to get to the finish quickly.
In the first level, you only play by yourself and are familiar with running and overcoming obstacles
In the next levels, you must compete with the remaining opponents, and use your skill, creativity, and agility to jump over obstacles and reach the finish line fastest.
The point of this game is that when you run and jump you have to be at the right time, otherwise you will get caught in the obstacles, you will slow down and your finish result will not reach. Try to run and jump over the obstacles at the right time, to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Much fun! Have fun!

Use the mouse to play this game.