Jumphobia is a game provided by the manufacturer of Wix Games, this is an extremely attractive game on the topic of adventure, jumping and running. A lot of people around the world play and download. Today you will have the opportunity to play and download this game for free on our pokicom.com website.
With simple graphics, but covering the meaning of content, the game has more than 250 rooms spread across 25 levels. Your task in this game is to control a person moving, jumping and crossing levels of play.
The interesting and special feature in this game is that, although there are many obstacles ahead, below, ... such as spike, monsters... But do not be afraid of it. Because the jump moves you won't have to do it, but it will be controlled automatically. You just need to have smart skills, judge the movement in and out to catch the accuracy you will overcome. A small mistake, you move sooner or later you will lose your life.
The game creates a feeling for players to always have a high concentration, attractive and addictive. You can play and compete with other friends, The fun doesn't stop there - create your own levels.
To get a high score and confidence when playing, you can play over and over again to gain experience. Can you complete every level? Or will you start creating your own level for the community to play? Let's enjoy this fun, exciting game. Have fun!

Developer: Jumphobia was developed by Wixgames Ltd
Platform: Web browser
Release game Date: Decmber 2019.

Arrow keys to run left and right
Shoot - Z
Switch weapon - X
Reset last checkpoint - press R
Reset room - hold R