Kart Wars

Kart Wars
Fight online against other players from all over the world and lead the worldwide ranking!

Control your kart and gain hexacoins destroying your enemies on this driving multiplayer game. But be careful, they can do the same to you, so arm yourself with your best items and take advantage of your hexacoins to protect yourself and skillfully flee thanks to your turbo-shield. The team who steals the most flags or shoots down more enemies wins in this fun-filled multiplayer arena.

If you love Mario Kart then you are sure to enjoy Kart Wars too. The battle mode in the game requires you to work together with other drivers to try and capture the enemy flag whilst defending your own flag.
You can choose from a range of different characters, each of which has their own vehicle and abilities. The driving is fun and the game is challenging but will provide you with hours of fun.
Fight against docens of players from all over the world in enormous maps filled with items and hexacoins that will help you to defeat your opponents. The more hexacoins and deaths your kart accumulate, the higher you’ll rise in the ranking.

Unlock of the available skins and gather your favorites.
If you think you’re ready, log in and become the best kart warrior in the World!

- WASD or arrow keys to drive;
- Left click to shoot;
- Shift to use nitro;
- Spacebar to jump.