Lab Rat Quest for Cheese

Lab Rat Quest for Cheese
Welcome to visit our website. We are always looking for and offering you free games every day with lots of interesting topics. From games: action, racing, sports, skills ... Today, we continue to introduce you to a new addictive and fascinating game about the animal theme. Let's enjoy the free game '' Lab Rat Quest for Cheese '' with us today. We hope that each game will bring you moments of relaxation and refreshment.

In this game, you are a mouse who is lost in a maze with many paths and ridiculous escape. With 42 mazes will create the content of this fascinating game. Each labyrinth has different paths, very hard and hungry, you must have journeys to overcome each of those mazes and your task is to find the cheese in each labyrinth. You will get to eat and pass the next level. Use the arrow keys to move and collect all kinds of cheese.
The interesting point of the game is its graphics and content, with its beautiful animation, eye-catching every step of the mouse will be recorded with its footprint. Each maze has many paths, making you control the mouse to find pieces of cheese very difficult. You have to have many choices and reach the nearest destination to eat those cheeses. Run as fast as possible to help the rat eat all the cheese at all 42 levels.

With the addictive content of the game, help players desire to discover results and win each level. This is one of the most interesting puzzle games we offer you. What are you waiting for? Let's press the 'PLAY' button and start conquering your destination through the mouse character in this game.

- Fun and addicting gameplay similar to Spy Mouse with challenging puzzles;
- Challenging mazes;
- Awesome power-ups to give you the edge over the hungry cats;
- 42 exciting levels with more levels on the way;
- Simple controls, just swipe anywhere on the screen the direction you want the mouse to go;
- Fun for all ages.

The arrow keys to move;
SPACE bar -View of Maze;
P- Pause.