Life The Game

Life The Game is a full-featured simulation game about a human progression from birth to death.

The game features all stages or real life: When you play this game, you will have a great experience in a person's life. From when you were “Born”, to when you "Talk", when you go to school and "Study", to the time you "puberty" ...When you have grown up, you will "date" with a girl. Next, you will play "sports" with your friends or colleagues. You will "Intern" in a cafe to keep your job. Then you will get married.
Once married, you will "get kids". At this point, you enter the "midlife" phase, you will buy a car. You will travel and you must take care of your health. When you are old, you are the grandfather of the children. You will play with them. Finally, you will die in happiness. Life goes by so fast! Play these online minigames and cycle through life like it’s your own. Make the right decisions or it might turn badly! Achieve your dreams and goals and get started in Life the game!

We are always looking forward to bringing you the best free games available every day for you. This game is available for free on our website. Much fun! Have fun! Enjoy now!

* Features:
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Play alone and control the character in the game
- Training skills focus and agility, reflex.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

* How to play:
- Mouse to move
- Left-mouse button to click
- P to skip the level.

Enjoy the Life The Game. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game. Have fun!

Developer: Life The Game is made by Ohmaigawd.
Initial release game date: The initial release date is December 2015 and the game has been updated in September 2018.
Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
The game has similar content: Afterlife The Game

- Mouse to move
- Left-mouse button to click
- P to skip the level.