Lion Hunting 3D

Lion Hunting 3D
We invite you to continue to visit our website every day to enjoy and relax the best new and best free games. Today, we will provide you with a masterpiece of 3D animal hunting game interesting and interesting. This game will definitely create fun and addictive for you to play it. Let's start by pressing the button ''PLAY'' to try and experience this wonderful game.

In this game, You are a lion hunter sniper who shoots and kills lions. You have to pass all 72 levels with 3 wild lands for you to choose from including: Baikunthapur Forest, Dvaita Forest and Naimisha Forest.
The control and manipulation of shooting and movement skills are very simple, you just need to use the arrow keys or the WASD movies to move, the mouse to shoot the lions target.
Targets and moves you or pay attention to the circular map on the top left corner of the screen to move and destroy the lions on target, avoiding wasting time and going the wrong way.
Each level of the game has a set number of lions you must destroy to pass to the next level and unlock different weapons.
In the process of playing and destroying lions beware of them, this is a very dangerous wild animal that can attack people. You Do not approach prey too close; Keep some distance from your prey while shooting ..

Lion Hunting 3D offers you a unique game play where you can hunt wild lions in wild jungle with authentic jungle graphics and jungle life! This is the best Lion Hunting Game you can play for free here. Much fun! Enjoy!

Features :
- Efficient and easy controls
- Smooth gameplay with fast motions to enjoy in this wild deer hunting match
- Different timed levels for hunters to show sniper shooting skills.
- Wild animals including lions in the safari jungle.
-  Unlock Different weapons.

Developer: Lion Hunting 3D is made by VSEIGRU.
Initial release game date: August 2020
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
The game has similar content: Poki Animal

- WASD or Arrows to walk;
- Mouse to aim and shoot;
- Shift to run.