Lion King Simulator Wildlife Animal Hunting

Lion King Simulator Wildlife Animal Hunting

Lion King Simulator Wildlife Animal Hunting
Please continue to visit our website every day to enjoy the free games. Today, we will introduce to you a very interesting and wonderful game that simulates the animal world 3D theme. You are the king of the jungle, rule the wild animals in the jungle and are ferocious animals to play in this wild safari simulator.

''Lion King Simulator Wildlife Animal Hunting'' is a 3D simulator game, this is an Experience the extraordinary power of becoming a true lion when he rules his vast forest hunt for prey. The game gives you a taste of savannahs and true jungle life.
The game maker has created a vision like real life, in the vast forest, there are many kinds of animals: elephants, crocodiles, zebras ...
Your task is to move the lions around the forest and search for delicious prey for you. Show off your skills and power, be a wild animal and feed your hungry nature. In this 3D wild lion simulator, some wild animals can resist your attack and pounce on you, so be careful and destroy. Hunt, fight enemies and complete quests.
The task by moving, attacking, detecting prey will be simulated on your screen. You can use the on-screen attack and movement by looking at the map to detect the animals that are around you.
Defeat dangerous enemies, collect corpses and complete quests! Level up your lions to increase health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your lion stats and increase your pride size!
Enjoy realistic action lion adventure game with high definition graphics and awesome sound effects. Automatic attack for quick killing with free wild lion simulator 3d games. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Actual thrill of chasing down animals
- Amazing 3D graphics and jungle environment
- Many thrilling levels to play
-  Awesome gameplay with multiple attacking animations.

Developer: Lion King Simulator Wildlife Animal Hunting is made by MadMaxGames.
Initial release game date: JAugust, 2010
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
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- Use arrow keys to control lion run.
- Use mouse to control hunting function keys on screen for lion.