Lumberjack Story

Lumberjack Story
A game based on plot content, with 3D graphics simulation, extremely attractive content. '' Lumberjack Story '' is a winter adventure game created by Paranoid Glitch Games. Selected by our site and provided for you free to play and relax with it.
This game is a story about a beautiful village where everyone's life is peaceful and happy. But unfortunately one day, the evil witch tried to harm this small village by turning the entire village into ice, all covered with ice. The life and death of the villagers as well as the scenery, houses are threatened by enemies. Your appearance as the brave lumberjack will alone and have to confront all enemies ahead.
The game is an evolution of you with many fascinating details. You'll need to defeat enemies of all kinds in order to redeem your town, must protect your village from monster attacks with an ax.
Will you need to defeat the enemy to free and restore peace and warmth to the village? Good luck! Much fun!

Developer: Lumberjack Story is made by Paranoid Glitch Games.
Initial release game date: August 2019
Platform: Web browser.

WASD - Walk;
Shift - Run;
Mouse - Look around and click to hit;
Tab - Lock aim;
Space - Jump;
E - Pick something up.