Mad Out Los Angeles

We invite you to continue to visit and enjoy new and unique free games that are selected daily by our website Today, an action game combined with driving and doing special tasks of the gang boss will be synthesized in this exciting game called ''Mad Out Los Angeles''.

In this game, the character is played by you and starts the challenge ahead of it as the gangster boss. Are you ready for a new adventure? You are equipped with weapons available on the road, you move and do any missions according to the instructions. You can drive a car, shoot from a variety of guns. The police will chase you, while you are on duty. Explore all types of cars and guns. Many different types and models are included in the game. You can enjoy freedom in a large city. The huge open world allows you to never get bored because you have so many tasks to do. Let's start this exciting adventure. Have fun!

Developer: Mad Out Los Angeles is made by Smartmove1.
Initial release game date: September, 2020
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS

WASD = Mode;
Mouse = Shoot;
E = Interaction;
SPACE bar = Jump.