Millionaire Quiz

Millionaire Quiz is an intellectual game that tests your IQ, based on the version of the popular TV game: "who is a millionaire". This is a game with a record high audience playing and downloading.

With 15 questions and 5 topics: Technology; Sports, Music; Health; Science for you to choose, and start playing. The biggest prize of the game is $ 1 million when you choose a topic and pass 15 questions of that topic.
Free Game Millionaire Quiz is not only entertaining but also educational. The level of difficulty about that in this game is already sorted, so players will feel continuously challenged to solve the problems that exist. In the game, you have to answer correctly all 15 questions.
You will face questions in all different types and with the increasing difficulty you get in the game. If you get a wrong answer, the game is over!

You can also press the "Pass" to finish the game and get a score that has been obtained.
This is game, you can compete with many other players in terms of points and bonuses, who answers more questions than those who will have a higher bonus and will win. With 5 selected topics including Technology; Sports, Music; Health; Science your experience, you understand the most topics, use the mouse and click on select and start the game. Good luck.

Features :
- Free 100%
- Visually attractive
- The sound effects are lively
- There are many questions and help
- Five question categories
- 15 questions
- 30 seconds to answer each question
- Three help options
- Fun theme
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the mouse to play this game.