Minecraft Survival

Minecraft Survival
A new game but interesting topic is selected and provided to you for a free experience. Minecraft Survival is an addictive puzzle game, played and downloaded by lots of people in the world. Let's try and enjoy this interesting game available on Pokicom.com.
Your task in this puzzle game is to use your creativity to reduce the number of pieces on the floor, and eventually the main character will be safe to fall to the floor and not fall and out of safe territory.
Details of this game:
There are many levels to play, the level of play will get harder and harder. At each level of play, the main character (you) will be arranged to stand highest, below you are the pieces you are standing on them.
The territory (in green) is safe when you fall down. If you fall elsewhere you will lose and play that level again.
To be so, at each level of play, you should not rush but to study carefully, need more creativity and agility to draw the pieces in a reasonable way. And eventually the main character (you) will fall into the territory (green) safely.
The game brings you a fascinating feeling when playing, each level is a challenge, your feeling is very simple, but not simple at all. If you are in a hurry and lack calculation you will lose. Try to be careful and overcome every level of play. You can play again and again to have the experience pass. Much fun! Have fun!

Use the mouse to play this game.