Murder is a fun and exciting game of assassination action played and downloaded by many people around the world. This is the game we make sure that when you play, the content of the game will make you addicted and excited. Murder is a free game, specially selected by our website for you today.

The content of this game always revolves around you as a character in the court, you always seek to assassinate the king and rob the throne.
The first is the image of you going behind the king and finding ways to assassinate the king. Looking simple but not simple at all, pay attention to the HP bar and posture of the king when coming back. If the king comes back to meet you in action, you will be arrested and executed. If you raise the knife to the action and the HP bar runs through the red line, you will assassinate the king. And since then you will become king.
The game will move on to the next move when you reach the new king, you will also be stalked and assassinated by the people in the court. With your sensory abilities, and agility you just need to go back and find out who is assassinating you preparing to act, immediately those people will be executed.
How long will your throne have lasted? Be alert and find ways to control your senses and postures to discover those who are trying to assassinate you.

Murder is a game that confirms the appeal of every game when you start pressing the '' PLAY 'button until the end of the game, we are sure that you will play again. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download
- Stabbing game to become the king and prevent others from killing you
- Various backstabber characters with a unique killing method
- Simple controls and great visual display
- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Play alone and control the character in the game
- Training skills focus and agility, reflex.

Hold space bar to charge your stab and press space bar to look behind.