Night Mad City

Night Mad City
Night Mad City is a simulation of a unique action game selected by our website and offers you to enjoy and experience the game with this addictive content.
Night Mad City is a game with 3D graphics, telling the turning point of a boy away from home with the events that happened:
A young man decided to leave his hometown and settle down in the city, with the development of this society the boy could not feed himself in the city, he decided to lead himself to the gangster. This game is a development in which you take on the role of a gangster in a dangerous Night City.
This boy's daily life journey is plundering, misleading every way to survive in this place. You have to be cruel and do whatever you can to make money and build a name for yourself. Be careful with the police as they try to hunt you down and stop your underground activities! Do you have what it takes to become a gangster in Night Mad City?
In this game, you can build a storyline. Bagavstvuete in racing, get an arsenal. Equipped with you will be able to resist the elite special forces.

- CreativeLab Games

- Modern 3d shooter;
- A spacious open world;
- Fascinating passage;
- Exciting races;
- Convenient and intuitive control;
- Possibility to adjust the image;
- The best weapons and equipment.

- WASD or arrow keys to move the character
- RMB to aim
- LMB to shoot
- R to reload
- E to enter car/interact