Panda Simulator 3D

Panda Simulator 3D
Panda Simulator 3D is a gorgeous game of graphical, engaging content to cover the animal world that encompasses human life. The main character in this game is to create your own panda and find the exciting adventures ahead.

Get ready to experience super fun moments with the pandas by the super exciting missions in the jungle or in the city. Since this is an open world game, you can choose to act according to your favorite ideas, so feel free to do whatever you like.
With the open content of such game, the specifics you can make while playing this game are as follows:

You can create a family if you find another panda. In the future, with the development of the character, the opportunity to make cubs becomes available. You can have up to 4 young pandas. Your family will help you in your adventures. You also need to take care of the members of your family. Do not forget to collect bamboo and feed them! If you feed your children, after a while they will grow up and become adults pandas. You also need to feed your spouse to improve his or her characteristics.

When your panda has no important business, the panda can visit its home. There is an opportunity to improve home territory by buying various items. Each of the items gives a bonus to the panda. Characteristics.

Customize the appearance of the panda as you like. There are many skins to choose from. You can customize skins for your spouse and children. You can add various beautiful magic signs or even put on a funny hat. For a more accurate adjustment of the panda appearance, you can change its head, ears, abdomen, neck, front and back paws, tail, eyes.

There is an opportunity to improve the individual characteristics of family members and characteristics that affect all pandas in the family at once. Do not forget to improve the characters! Get experience doing tasks and eating bamboo. After receiving a level, the character can spend it on points of attack, energy or life. There are also special skills that allow you to increase speed, collect more food, get more resources for actions in the game, etc.

In your journey, you will meet many different creatures. Some of them are peaceful, and some are very dangerous. Also, pandas have to fight with dangerous bosses, for example with witches, wizards, and ninjas.

Large open world with fields, forests, mountains, gardens, and villages is available for research.

Take part in various assignments. Pandas can perform a variety of tasks. You can participate in the Festival of Lanterns, compete with other animals, search for missing pandas, etc.

In addition to basic tasks, the panda can earn achievements for various actions in the game.

'' Panda Simulator 3D '' is one of the unique and exciting simulation games that we specially select for you. A great simulation of the animal world will be presented to you today at Play and share with your friends. In addition, you can also enjoy the special games of the same category on our site such as Fox Simulator 3D; Tiger Simulator; Dog Simulator 3D;..v.v.! Have fun! Much fun!

- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content
- 3D panda simulator game on a big island
- Open-world exploration
- You can raise a panda family
- Upgrade your family members and customize your appearance
- Various interesting quests to do
- Many wild animals and humans that you can attack
- Various quests across the island
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

- Move: "ARROW KEYS"
- Jump: "SPACE"
-Attack: "Left mouse click"
- Run: "LSHIFT"