Parking Slot

Parking Slot
If you are looking for a great parking simulator game, Parking Slot is the game to perfect your driving skills. This is a selected game and is provided by our website for free for you to play, let's try and share with everyone to play.

With 15 levels of play, the difficulty and sophistication will be created by game makers for you as the level increases. The game will train you in driving skills, and carefulness. One simple rule: stay away from roadway barriers to prevent your car from being hit or scratched, and carefully drive into the designated parking lot. This task seems as easy as pie, but it can be quite challenging even for professional drivers. Let's enjoy this great, fun and addictive game. Much fun! Enjoy!

- Arrow keys or W,A,S,D to drive the car.
- Mouse to zoom and rotate the camera.
- Use on screen buttons to drive,
- Touch the screen and slide to rotate the camera.