Parrot Simulator

Parrot Simulator
Parrot Simulator is an HTML5 game, developed and produced by CyberGoldfinch. This game is selected by our website and provided for free for you to play.
This is an amazing, addictive animal world simulation game. In this game your task will control a parrot, with it you will fly around, foraging or fighting enemies. In addition, you can perform other quests. There are many challenges and options for you in this game. The interesting and difficult point of this game is how to control the direction, move and achieve the purpose of each mission. This is a quality 3D game with beautiful graphics. Let's challenge and overcome the missions ahead. Good luck! Much fun! Enjoy!

- The arrow keys or ASDW to move
- Space bar to take off
- E key to jump/fly up
- Q key to fly down
- Left mouse button to attack
- H key to hide interface
- L key to lock/unlock cursor