Police Bike City Simulator

A convergence game between many elements: police, shooting, action, racing will be introduced to our free pokicom.com website right here. The game `` Police Bike City Simulator '' hopes to make you have moments of relaxation, enjoy this wonderful game together.

You are fully equipped with clothes, weapons and a special police motorbike. Your task is to control that motorbike to patrol and capture the tasks in the city, ensuring peace and safety. You have to take random tasks like capturing, chasing some bad guys or even shooting some thugs on the loose in the street. This is a very challenging game that needs great driving skills to hunt down criminals. You will earn money in every successful mission. Enjoy the thrill and action of becoming a cop, explore all major open world cities for free!

Come and join in the fun and play one of the best police bike simulator, experience real fun gameplay in Police Bike City Simulator. Much fun! Have fun!

Developer: Police Bike City Simulator is made by Game Pickle.
Initial release game date: July, 2020
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS

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