Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit

Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit
Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit is a racing game, chasing addictive crime for you. With amazing 3D simulations, and engaging content hope when playing and experiencing this game you will enjoy. This is a game with a lot of people accessing and downloading, provided by our website for free for you. Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit is a game developed and produced by Pacogames.

With 5 super cars equipped for police forces to catch criminals. First you have to choose a free car to start the journey of pursuing criminals, the process of successful pursuit will give you bonus points and continue to upgrade and buy other supercars.
The content of the game: revolves around a cheeky bank robbery, after the successful robbery the criminals immediately moved on the road with 2 cars. The alarm is going on and you are the police force that takes orders and chases those bank robbers.
Throughout the Game is the pursuit of police cars and those two crime cars. You have to control the police car, drive really skillfully, safely and pass the cars moving on the road and catch up to the two criminal cars. Your task is when you catch up with the thief, you must crash into them, each of their vehicles will have HP bar attached, they will be captured when the HP bar is no longer available.

Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit is a fun and exciting game, giving you relaxing moments when playing this game. Let's press the "Play" button and play this game. Have fun!

- Realistic car driving and chasing simulator.
- Dodge the cars, buses and trucks on the highway.
- Drive and drift on the streets of the city while chasing Thieves.
- Multiple car control options
- 3D environment with HD graphics.
- Real Damage System for both the police and robber cars.
- Chasing and Smashing Cars game.
- Police lights scare the criminals away.
- Drift police car through curved roads.
- A Big City to Explore with your police car.
- Be a duty police driver in this free police driving games.
- Police car race game suitable for kids, boys, girls and adults alike
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

The arrow keys to drive;
ESC = Menu;
R = Reset game;
C = Change view;
SHIFT = Nitro;
SPACE = Handbrak.