Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse

Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse
Enjoy the ''Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse '' game, this is a new featured zombie hunting game with zombie apocalypse to attack dead targets. Survive in the zombie survival battlefield against shooting zombies and zombie assassins of deadly zombie games. The best features of zombie apocalypse survival game are present in this zombie attack game and dead zombie style attack.

Use your skills in fps games to perform a zombie survival war when hunting zombies survive the current unknown zombie battle of sniper games. You have a lot of different and cunning zombies like in strategy war games as well as shooting zombie games and shooting zombie games in this failed zombie game like an angle shooter first look. Fulfill the true role of the dead sniper and shoot fps shooting zombie offline shooting game just like the living guide with the help of gun trigger fps of dead zombie game.
Think of it as not a simple hunting game like a zombie game but join as a real zombie killer and do not hesitate to kill and kill the evil zombies at any cost by how to carry out the real role of zombie killer. Use agility, observation and counterattack accurately to destroy all the zombies and dangerous animals that are trying to attack you. Good luck! Enjoy!

* Features:
- Killing zombie game with zombie target shooting
- Zombie underground war of zombie apocalypse shooting games.
- Zombie dead war with zombie shooting games atmosphere.
- Dead shooting killer actions as target killer.
- Zombie apocalypse survival mission as zombie apocalypse.
- Zombie shooter game offline with fps gun trigger.
- Living dead games sensations with unknown zombies battleground thrills.

Developer: Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse is made by Mentolatux.
Initial release game date: January 2020
Platform: Web browser.

WASD = Move;
Mouse = Shoot;
SHIFT = Run;
SPACE = Jump;
F = Punch.