Polly Pocket Pick Up Party

Polly Pocket Pick Up Party
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Going back to Poly Pocket, a favorite character for girls, with today's game called '' Polly Pocket Pick Up Party ''. Hope to make you have moments of relaxation and enjoyment when playing this game

In this game: Polly Pocket will hold a birthday party at the mall, she wants to be truly spectacular and full of the friend.
The game is a combination of driving skills and a way of thinking to welcome friends in the way of Poly Pocket characters.
Help Polly pick up friends for her birthday party at the mall. See the arrow in the lower right corner so you know where to go. Pick up each friend and come to the shopping mall quickly! Keep track of roadblocks and bonus points! When controlling Polly Pocket character to pick up friends, pay attention to the obstacles, correct direction and take advantage of the shortest time possible.
The overall content of the game can be expressed as follows:
- Use the arrow keys to move the car
- Watch the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner so you know where to you
- Pich up each friend and get to the mall fast
- Watch for roadblocks and bonus points.
Have fun and enjoy this Polly Pocket theme game.

- Fun game easy to control
- Beautiful graphics images, funny sounds.
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the arrow keys to drive.