Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt

Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt.
Please continue to visit our website Pokicom.com to enjoy the next Polly Pocket theme game, a topic loved by girls. The game '' Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt 'is introduced and selected today, hoping to bring you a fascinating, addictive and enjoyable feeling.

'' Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt '' is a game of exploring and reasoning skills.
Content and instructions of this game are as follows:
Polly Pocket with friends traveling and resting at the hotel. The hotel complex is very large, in addition to the resort rooms, there are play areas. Especially Polly Pocket loves to ride roller coasters.
Polly Pocket decided and bought 5 tickets to ride with the roller coaster. Unfortunately, Polly Pocket's mischievous dog joked and took all five tickets from Polly Pocket and ran into the hotel rooms.
The most interesting and interesting point of this game is that you have to help Polly Pocket find all 5 tickets to the roller coaster, by solving puzzles, exploring, searching through different rooms. in the hotel.
Use the intelligence, the creative ability to follow these steps to find the full five Polly Pocket roller coaster tickets:
- Find all 5 tickets before the timer runs out
- Click on the hiding places each room
- when you find a ticket, follow the paw prints to the next room
- Find all the tickets and ride the roller coaster!

We hope you had fun with this great game for girls. Find the best Polly Pocket games for girls or others Polly Pocket Games among our games made by girls forgirls suggested below the game. Have fun! Enjoy!

Use the mouse to play this game.