Polly at the Dentist

Polly at the Dentist
Polly Pocket is a favorite character for girls, and today our Pokicom.com website will introduce you to the game '' Polly at the Dentist ''. A game that revolves around the topic of doctors and manipulations of caring for a Polly Pocket character with a toothache.

In this game, the Polly Pocket character is the same as the other kids, regularly eating ice cream, candies, and daily food without cleaning their teeth. Long-lasting plaque buildup will cause cavities with Polly Pocket. The pain of having a tooth decay forced Polly Pocket to go to the dental clinic.
Your mission in this game is a dentist who visits and conducts Polly Pocket's tooth decay treatment.

''Polly at the Dentist'' the most exciting dental and dental game ever !!! Here, you can not only turn yourself into a professional dentist, diagnose and treat Polly Pocket but also be able to operate and decorate your own dental clinic, turn it into your dream!
The game is also a way of educating young people to always have a way to take care of their teeth and hygienic and clean. Avoid cavities like Polly Pocket characters in this game.

Enjoy and have fun with this exciting game. Have fun!

- Gorgeous graphics, compelling content
- Blast the germs that are hiding out in your mouth!
- Remove any cracked holes using the horse drill!
- Clean the teeth by using the different tools available!
- Pull out any broken or rotten teeth and replace them using new ones!
- Color the teeth any color you like by using the paint palette!
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Use the mouse to play this game.