Prisonier Transport Simulator 2019

Prisonier Transport Simulator 2019
Welcome you all continue to visit our website every day. We always look forward to and bring you all the best free relaxing games selected, updated every day for all of you to play and enjoy. Today, we bring you a game with great content and graphic . `` Prisonier Transport Simulator 2019 '' is a combination game of driving, parking and attractive action images. Start pressing the "PLAY" button and the experience.

This is considered a game of transporting prisoners by specialized vehicles combined with strict and professional security forces will be a very good simulation for you to enjoy this game.
First, you must drive the dedicated vehicle to a location in the direction of the arrow in the game. When you get there you have to take the prisoners and board the car with the help of the security forces
Next you have to control the specialized vehicle that moves in the direction of the arrow to a location where there are submarines and security forces, prisoners will be transferred to the submarine. The next step, you have to control the submarine moving in the direction of the arrow and to a new location.
When the submarine docked, security guards will extradite the prisoners on a specialized vehicle and move to a new location. Your task now is to control that vehicle moving in the direction of the arrow to the new location.
When a special vehicle carrying a prisoner and security guards move to a safe place, the security forces will extradite all 3 prisoners on the specialized truck, and your last mission in the journey. This process is to drive a truck moving in the direction of the arrow to transport 3 prisoners and security guards to the location of the last prison where they are held.
Your mission will be completed when you move the truck to the finish line, the security forces will extradite 3 prisoners into 3 different rooms of the prison.
You have ended and completed an extremely difficult and attractive task with this interesting game. We are sure that if you try and play this game you will be addicted to it, because of the attractive content and beautiful graphics.
The game is a full experience of 5 difficulty levels, on the extradition of prisoners, you have to be really alert and control the different cars really safely and carefully, because only a small mistake, your car unfortunately hit the other cars moving on the road, the offender will escape ...Much fun! Have fun!

- Special vehicles carrying prisoners, submarines, police trucks with high quality graphics
- 3D city simulation graphics driving and time-based prison transport game
- Transport prisoner simulator with HD graphics and attractive sound effects
- Challenging Prisoner Transporter Simulator challenging missions with extreme time.

Developer: Prisonier Transport Simulator 2019 is made by Mentolatux.
Initial release game date: November 2019
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS.

Use the arrow keys to play this game.