Puppet Football League Spain

Get ready for some big head action as you compete in the Puppet Football League Spain. Train hard, practice your kicks, build up your stamina, improve your offense and defense, and you’re on the road to become legend.Funniest Football Features (FFF):âš½ 20 sock puppet teams with real statsâš½ 100+ cartoon hand puppets🏆 Climb the league season 2016/2017 with achievements, champions cup and highscoresâš½ Train your players power, sprint speed and jump header keepie-uppieâš½ Heal your injured players, puyol enemy and change tactics and use 235 or 442âš½ Perfect physics for ball and mad goalsâš½ Upgrade your stadium to get more money for victoryâš½ Special power ups in game – chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super power, spring, speed, silver shieldâš½ Big head 2 head fun 2-player mode – splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device

Arrow to move.Spacebar to kick.Available on tablet and smartphone: Android.