Puppet Master

Puppet Master
Please continue to visit our website, with free selected games, interesting content. Hope you guys will enjoy and have a relaxing time with the games on our website. Today, we will introduce you to the game `` Puppet Master ''. This is an interesting ragdoll clicker game of destruction.
The game with an image appearing as a toy puppet, your task is to use weapons such as knives, submachine guns, machine guns .. You can hit, explode, shoot, destroy, shoot, kick, slap, smash, hit, punch, hit puppets to your liking. The game is relaxing for you, your frustration at work or you're having a problem getting stuck, stress ... you can also play this game to regain your balance in work as well as in life.
The most interesting point of this game is that you have to start from a simple weapon, a knife, each time you keep throwing knives at the puppet, the score will be raised gradually. And until the score threshold of 3600-60000-500000 points, you will correspondingly exchange other weapons. You can also customize the face of this toy puppet. Much fun! Enjoy!

* Features:
- Local multiplayer
- Realistic physics
- dozens of items to equip to puppet
- stress relief
- dismount the ragdoll
- Just tap the puppet
- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content.

Developer: Puppet Master is made by FreezeNova.
Initial release game date: September 2019
Platform: Web browser
The game has similar content: Mutilate a Doll 2 and Hard Life.

Use the mouse to play this game.