QWOP Athletics

QWOP Athletics
QWOP Athletics is a bespoke athletic-themed game created by Bennett Foddy and featured by our Pokicom.com site for free specials for you today.

QWOP's title refers to the four keyboard keys used to move the muscles of the sprinter avatar
Players play as an athlete named "Qwop", who is participating in a 100-meter event at the Olympic Games. Using only the Q, W, O and P keys, players must control the movement of the athlete's legs to make the character move forward while trying to avoid falling over. The Q and W keys each drive one of the runner's thighs, while the O and P keys work the runner's calves. The Q key drives the runner's right thigh forward and left thigh backward, and the W key also affects the thighs and does the opposite. The O and P keys work in the same way as the Q and W keys, but with the runner's calves. The actual amount of movement of a joint is affected by the resistance due to forces from gravity and inertia placed upon it.

Although the goal of QWOP is simple, when you experience and practice this game is not easy at all.
An addictive game that will stimulate the desire to successfully control the character in the game of victory. Try pressing each key individually and simultaneously to find the right pace and rhythm to continue. Good luck!

We are always looking forward to bringing you the best free games available every day for you. This game is available for free on our Pokicom.com website. Much fun! Have fun!

- Realistic physics
- Easy and intuitive controls
- Realistic graphics
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download
- Free Download.

Q, S=Thighs;
O,P = Calves.