Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D

Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D

Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D
A great simulation of the animal world will be presented to you today at Pokicom.com. The game 'Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D' is an addictive masterpiece for kids both in content and graphics.

In this simulator, you will play as a raccoon. You will explore the big city and the surrounding forest in search of adventure. To survive in the city you’ll need to feed the raccoon and make sure that it does not get into trouble. There are a lot of dangerous things in the forest too. The main danger is predators! In order for the raccoon to develop and grow stronger, you need to help other raccoons... ''Tiger Simulator'' is one of the unique and attractive simulation games that we specially selected for you. Let's play and share with friends. In addition, you can also enjoy special games of the same category on our site such as Dog Simulator 3D; Rio Rex..etc.Much fun!! Have fun! Much fun!

- Beautiful graphics, Attractive content
- 3D tiger simulator game on A big city with forest to explore
- Open-world exploration
- Exciting quests: driving a car, boat, etc.
- Various interesting quests to do
- Addictive games and are a lot of players and download.

Developer: Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D was developed by CyberGoldfinch
Release Date:
The game was initially released as an Android app in May 2019. The WebGL version has been available since September 2019.
Platform: Android, Web browser, iOS
The game has similar content: Wolf Simulator and Tiger Simulator.

- WASD or arrow keys to move;
- Left mouse button to attack or click on the user interface;
- Space bar to jump;
- Shift to run;
- C to enable/disable sneaking.