Race City

Race City
Please continue to visit our website every day to enjoy the free games. With the goal of providing you with relaxing, rewarding with meaningful games. Hopefully when you visit our site, you will be satisfied and have moments of relaxation with free special games. Today, a racing game with a completely different theme and graphics. '' Race City '' is a racing game in the city, with models of toy cars, and stunning 3D graphics. In front of you will be a picture as well as addictive content waiting for you.

A 'Race City' game with lots of levels, each with its own score. Your task is very simple, your car will be automatically driven and moved, you just need to pay attention to the intersection and use the computer mouse or swipe control to hold the touch screen on the phone to brake or pause your vehicle, avoiding collisions with other vehicles on the intersection. The score will be high or low depending on the ability to control your vehicle, you must be able to see and handle quickly situations to avoid your vehicle from colliding with other vehicles.

The game makes you feel addictive, pay attention to the handling of your car, you will always focus and desire to reach the finish line with the highest score. City racing game is the best endless car driving game in traffic, hold the steering wheel right now and enjoy driving in the city. Much fun! Have fun!

- Amazing and challenging missions
- Realistic city car driving
- Realistic traffic system
- Realistic traffic rules
- Realistic car sound effects.

Developer: Race City is made by KasSanity.
Initial release game date: September 2019
Platform: Web browser
The game has similar content: Driving games.

Press space bar or left mouse button to slow the car.