Real Women Wrestling Ring Fighting

Real Women Wrestling Ring Fighting
Welcome to the world of wrestling girls, this is our latest free wrestling game that will give you the chance to fight against world supermodels in the royal wrestling championship. with 3D quality graphics and advanced game mode available on PC and mobile browsers.

In this game, your mission is to be able to control all the female warriors and defeat your opponent in each battle.
With the layout of the game with 3 game modes to choose from: Practice Mode, Knockout Mode, and Career Mode. Each mode has 6 levels of play. This is an experience for you to show your ability to prove you are a top female warrior, defeating all opponents in each mode and play different levels.

The action and control of your character is very simple and easy to play, you only need to look on the screen at the bottom right corner to manipulate buttons to help you attack and counterattack opponents, use flexible use of those functions to be able to destroy opponents as quickly as possible. You will overcome all opponents and become the No. 1 warrior. Much fun! Have fun!

- Choose player from list of royal girls wrestlers
- Face toughest women wrestling warriors and become queen of the backyard ring
- Enjoy three Different game play mode to test your wrestling skills
- Defeat all freestyle rockstar wrestlers
- Extreme challenging “Knockout Mode” will test your fighting skills
- Win girls wrestling matches & get rewarded points to unlock next challenge.

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